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Advantages of Using a CMS to Run Your Site

Do you have state-of the-art computers, with best servers and cutting-edge tools, but still use the plain HTML to update the text of your website? You might be doing yourself a disservice. One of the best investments which you could make for your website and your business is investment in a content management system. Your … Continue reading Advantages of Using a CMS to Run Your Site

Advantages of Using a CMS to Run Your Site

Do you have state-of the-art computers, with best servers and cutting-edge tools, but still use the plain HTML to update the text of your website? You might be doing yourself a disservice. One of the best investments which you could make for your website and your business is investment in a content management system. Your website is the cornerstone and forefront of your business and you cannot take chances with it. Imagine a scenario where you need to update many things simultaneously on your website, it will be a difficult feat through traditional medium but a piece of cake for content management system.

In simple terms, Content Management System is a web-development tool within framework that lets you create, edit and update content with minimum or no programming skills. With a little bit of computer skills, like the knowledge of word processing programmes, a person can easily operate a content management system

The website is your main medium of communication with your customers and you need to ensure that the communication is timely and relevant. If you are bogged down by the technical details, you will not be able to put your best foot forward. A content management system combines power with simplicity, so you have the best of both world. Here’s a little smattering on the importance of content management system:

Easy for non-technical person – As stated earlier, a person with minimum computer knowledge of word processing programmes can easily learn and operate most Content Management Systems. It is especially important when it comes to adding new content as any writer without technical skills could handle CMS with no trouble.  Since, all users don’t have the same kind of comfort level with technology, it is difficult for people to grasp complicated programmes. With CMS, businesses don’t have to spend time training the new users as most CMS can be learnt in minutes, if not seconds, saving the businesses time and money which would otherwise would have been wasted training the new users.

It allows multiple users and simultaneous update – A Content Management System allows multiple users and simultaneous updates which is important if you have a content based website. A CMS allows managing and publishing authorisations thus allowing multiple people to work on the website without worrying about the overrides. Many CMS also allow content to go live on a stipulated time period set by you.

Easy site maintenance –The site management and maintenance is truly easy with CMS. Before CMS, if you needed to change any page or sitemap, you would have to trawl through all the pages, making changes on each to ensure that it appears fine on the website. But with CMS, all you need to do is go through components of the CMS and with a click of mouse, you can make the changes, without breaking the architecture of the website. With CMS, you can changes pages, designs, site-map, etc, without worrying about the adverse effect on the website.

Easier to Update – Before CMS, you would have to remember to update the website, but most CMS of today, provide alert facility wherein, alerts could be sent to editors when content needs to be updated, removed or reviewed. This keeps the website current and in good shape and prevent old data from presenting to the website viewers. CMS also reduces the publishing time, letting you broadcast content faster. One more advantage of easy usage of CMS is that you are most likely to publish more content simply because it is so easy to update.

Easy to manage content and workflow management – A decent CMS provides a workflow management system wherein content have glance view with the status of pages, whether it is live, being reviewed or kept in a draft. With this facility, it is easier to integrate a system with different authority to various people. For instance, you may want to review the content edited by a new-employee for a month. With CMS, you could provide edit-only authority to the person and live it yourself after reviewing the content. It is also easy to integrate content with the overall plan so that all your integrated efforts like marketing, content, etc. come together to create a brand presence.

Search engine-friendly – A content management system helps to optimize a website making it easier for search engine to crawl to your pages so that users can find the information effortlessly. Most CMS also allows the insertion of keywords and incorporation of other SEO practices like page titles, proper metadata, correct URLs, etc. into the website. With CMS, the website also loads faster.

Consistency in Design and Content – Since, CMS provides a suite of templates for editors, which can be used for different pages of the website, there is a consistency in design and content. When a template is edited for colour, designs and structure, it can be reflected to the whole website with a click of the mouse. With so many different options, it is easy to give a unique identity to each page while keeping the same structure and ‘voice’ of the website.

Archive capabilities – One of the most important functionalities which a CMS provides is archive capabilities. You can archive old content and may re-use it later if required. Unlike the old times, where you had to delete or remove the old content to add in the new content, CMS allows you to archive the non-relevant content..

More power to you! – CMS saves you two most previous things – time and money! It also gives you independence to update, edit, and delete content on your own. What more, it helps in accelerating development time, reducing build time as well as reducing the cost of keeping the website updated.

The importance of having a content management system for a website can never be stressed enough especially when it comes to commercial websites. From bespoke designs, easy to add content features, extensive functionality and affordability, a CMS is an ideal solution for most corporations. Invest in a content management system now, if you haven’t already done so!

Netrouting’s hosting solutions caters to webmasters who wants to use the full benefits of a content management system without any need to invest time in setting up the environment. We make this easy for you by providing one-click scripts that can spin up popular CMS like wordpress, joomla and magento in a matter of minutes.

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